Climate: 100 million more poor by 2030 if nothing is done


At 21 days of the COP21, the World Bank releases a report warning about the risks of climate change for the most vulnerable populations.

The fight against poverty and global warming are part of the same fight. Three weeks before the opening in Paris of the COP 21, the World Bank in a new report warns about the consequences of climate change on the most vulnerable. If nothing is done, 100 million people could fall below the poverty line in 2030.

“The events related to climate, weather, already barriers to poverty reduction and it will get worse,” insists one of the authors, Stéphane Hallegatte. People suffer crop losses, soaring commodity prices and the increase in diseases including malaria and diarrhea which are caused by climate shocks (floods, storms, droughts …).

Most exposed to natural disasters

The report shows – supported by statistics based on questionnaires conducted in 92 countries…

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