Bureaucracy | reblogged from Global South

“In talking and thinking about the legacy of colonialism and imperialism in the Global South it is impossible to ignore the legacy of bureaucracy. The process of government by bureaucracy inherently creates tears in the social fabric of a society by uncoupling government from the language of rights and representation, government from governed, individual intentions from individual actions, and actions from outcomes. The ensuing social isolation and unresponsive government must be combated in order to introduce a healthy and representative political reality. Social movements among marginalized and disenfranchised people must struggle against the divisive and impersonal influence of bureaucracy and struggle to re-introduce accountability and plurality into the political sphere. Bureaucracy also necessitates a different type of healing and reconciliation, as it is often the vehicle for senseless violence and cruelty, and certainly creates conditions amenable to racism and other forms of inequality. Post-colonial political arenas must be re-humanized in order to repair the fragmentation resulting from bureaucracy…..”

via Bureaucracy | Global South.