New Zealand: Where WWII veterans now beg for food

Even three terms of gouging education, welfare and the land could not have prepared us for this appalling action by the New Zealand Government. We have sunk to the lowest. For shame, Prime Minister Key.



His hard-earned pension was snatched away after he took part in a demonstration.

Selywn Clarke, your country has let you down. And it has a lot to answer for.

The condition of the 28th Maori Battalion veteran on the streets of the Northland township of Kaitaia has been concerning locals, many of whom have offered him food items.

Mr. Clarke’s pension was cut entirely following the veteran’s failure to appear in court following his participation in a land occupation.

“The people who were arrested that day are the people who have rights to that land. The land does not belong to Ngāi Takoto neither does it belong to the government.” Mr. Clarke told Maori Television.

He has been begging at busy scenes including a Kaitaia market for money.

“I thought I would receive the pension for the rest of my life, but now it’s been cut and I’m here seeking…

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Author: Makere

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