Pope Benedict XVI – Towards a Human Ecology (reviewed)

The forthcoming issue of Human Ecology Review (vol 21: 2) has a review of Pope Benedict XVI book Towards a Human Ecology by Robin vanTine.

Is Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI a Human Ecologist?

In this collectPopeion of religious writings, sermons, talks, letters and encyclicals collected and edited by Maria Morciano, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI lays out a vision of a sacred human ecology which aligns very well with many if not most of the tenets of academic human ecology. He has been called, “The Green Pope”, and the writings in this book substantiate that moniker. The Catholic Church is well known for its stand and work for social justice, and it appears that social justice, equity and environmental sustainability are woven together by Pope Benedict, in this work. Of particular interest is Benedict’s (and John Paul II’s) use of the term “human ecology” to stand for the inclusion of…

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