Monsters amongst us: inhumane commentators damn us all in their refugee crisis response

Thank you Graham, thank you.

First We Take Manhattan

[Trigger warning: the photos of Alyan Kurdi’s body and Laith Majid with his children are in this blog]

This is not a blog about Alyan Kurdi.

But it is a blog about who we allow to speak to us about Alyan Kurdi.

The public outpouring of grief and the demand for change in the pathetic refugee intake here in Aotearoa New Zealand was the subject of commentary in all of our major newspapers and channels over the past five days.

Some of those commentators have done an outstanding job of expressing our pain and our hopelessness in text. This is not a blog about those commentators, though I want to express my thanks to Heather du Plessis-Allan, Duncan Garner, Andrea Vance and in particular for their considered responses.

This is a blog about the monsters that reside amongst us. The monsters that we consistently allow on our…

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