How To Support A Scholar Who Has Come Under Attack. by Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman

At a time when attacks on academics are spiralling in from every direction, this commentary is timely and important.

Conditionally Accepted

Thank A Public Scholar

Academics, can we talk seriously about social media for a moment?  Like much of the rest of the world, we use various social media platforms.  Some of us use it strictly for personal reasons, some exclusively to share our scholarly work and perspective, and others for a mixture of these reasons.  I have witnessed enough attacks on scholars by conservatives, bigots, trolls, and even other academics to conclude that no one is shielded from backlash.  While our academic freedom is generally protected (though, that statement is debatable), we can no longer expect our colleagues, departments, universities, disciplines, and professional organizations to stand up for us when we come under attack.

The Times (And Attacks) Have Changed

The rules of engagement have changed.  We now live in a time when a 20-year-old college sophomore, who writes for a student newspaper to expose “liberal bias and abuses at Texas colleges” (

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2 thoughts on “How To Support A Scholar Who Has Come Under Attack. by Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman”

  1. Conservative scholars get attacked unfairly as well.
    Tom Flanagan, a political science prof at the U of Calgary, was attacked am few years ago quite unfairly over an off the cuff remark he made in Lethbridge. He got no support from the university. It eventually died a natural death because it had no legs, but I was disappointed that so many of my fellow lefties climbed on the bandwagon of condemnation. I sent Tom an email of support, and also wrote the president of the university. The president never responded.


    1. It is certainly the case that off the cuff remarks by public intellectuals are as open for criticism as more serious analysis. They carry the inherent danger of being misinterpreted and/or misunderstood, whatever the ideological issues in question.


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