Caribou Pay the Price. Wolves Get the Blame. Kochs Get the $$.


Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Common Dreams:

Alberta’s attempt to boost caribou numbers by killing wolves is an inhumane approach that fails to target the root of the problem—the extractivist industries—says a group scientists.

Explaining how the wolves came to be seen as the problem, Kaleigh Rogers writes at Vice:

See, roads and industrial development built to take advantage of Alberta’s rich natural resources has impacted the woodland habitat, in part allowing wolves to more easily gain access to the caribou herds. While the wolves aren’t to blame, they have been contributing to the diminishing caribou population and nearly wiped them out in some areas, so the government decided to introduce a systematic wolf cull to address the immediate problem.

Source: Pembina Institute

Controversy erupted in November following the publication of an analysis in the Canadian Journal of Zoology, which, as CBC Newsreported at the time, assessed

the effect of a seven-year…

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