Fifty Years Ago: A Turning Point in Civil Rights, the 1960s and US Politics

The year 2014 has been one of highly significant 50-year anniversaries: the introduction of Lyndon Johnsons War on Poverty; passage of the Civil Rights Act; the first of the nations urban riots; Mississippi Freedom Summer; the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which escalated the US war in Vietnam; and Berkeleys Free Speech Movement.In many circles, 1968 is seen as the crucial turning point in which the spread of tumultuous uprisings around the world not only wrought significant social change, but also helped to generate a backlash that ushered in the neoliberal era that currently dominates the globe. I would argue, however, that the seeds for that transformation were planted via the historic events occurring in 1964.

via Fifty Years Ago: A Turning Point in Civil Rights, the 1960s and US Politics.

Author: Makere

A transplanted New Zealand Scots/Maori academic/grandmother/random singer and sometime activist, my life is shaped by a deep conviction of the necessity for active critical engagement in the multi-faceted global and local crises of being and survival of species that confront us in the 21st century, the urgency of re-visioning the meaning of thriving together, and the contribution of Indigenous knowledge systems to a truly sustainable and just global society.