Finn Jackson: F*ck John Key- what the bystanders haven’t realised.


Everyone has been force-fed the line that the Internet Mana video of students chanting what we’re all thinking, “F*ck John Key”, is the product of a Nazi-style political rally of drunk and stupid students. I’ll leave it to Bomber, Frank and co to explain why this is completely wrong. What I want to write about is the underlying indications the video gives out, which no-one seems to have picked up on.

Let’s start at the beginning. Where was the video filmed? In Christchurch, where we’ve been living in a broken city for four years. That’s more than half of National’s time in office. That’s the whole of the last political term. We’ve been living in a city filled with collapsed and damaged buildings, liquefaction, and freezing homes. Then more recently, there have been massive areas of empty land, dotted with the not-so-occasional pile of rubble, and buildings still waiting to…

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Author: Makere

A transplanted New Zealand Scots/Maori academic/grandmother/random singer and sometime activist, my life is shaped by a deep conviction of the necessity for active critical engagement in the multi-faceted global and local crises of being and survival of species that confront us in the 21st century, the urgency of re-visioning the meaning of thriving together, and the contribution of Indigenous knowledge systems to a truly sustainable and just global society.