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The Global Elite: Rigging the Rules That Fuel Inequality | Common Dreams

The global elite have rigged the rules so that \”economic growth looks more like a winner-take-all system\” that undermines democracy and threatens future generations with a \”cascade of privilege and disadvantage,\” a new report from Oxfam states. Image: Oxfam The…

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Davos Elite Message Deserves Fierce Resistance Not Applause | Common Dreams

Even amid seemingly thoughtful discussions about climate change, economic inequality, water scarcity and other key global issues, whats important to remember, says Alex Jensen, an expert on globalization and development at the International Society for Ecology and Culture ISEC, is…

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BREAKING: Oil leak on massive pipeline pushing tar sands through the Great Lakes | SURF Great Lakes

JANUARY 19, 2014 BY WALLACEB06 BREAKING: Oil leak on massive pipeline pushing tar sands through the Great Lakes Enbridge Energy has just reported that their Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline is being shut down because they have spilled over 5000 gallons…

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“Blessed Unrest” Bioneers 2006 – Paul Hawken

Originally posted on Image As Voice:
As relevant this year as then. What better message to begin 2014. Image As Voice View original post

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Open access UNESCO publications on water

Originally posted on the anthropo.scene:
UNESCO has set up a portal providing open access to its publications: Here are some of the UNESCO publications on water: — Carbon and water footprints: concepts, methodologies and policy responses —…

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