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Over the last few days, two members of the Faculty have made Journal contributions to the defense of postsecondary education and academic research in Alberta. Professor Kathleen Lowrey’s (Anthropology) OpEd, “Behind the Pretence of the Alberta Budget,” appeared in Saturday’s paper. On Twitter, the piece has been referred to as “putting a human face” on the savage cuts to postsecondary education, which Lowrey characterizes as part of the Government’s cynical game of “let’s pretend” — Let’s pretend that people all around us aren’t going to bear the burden of these cuts — and someone has tweeted one of its most memorable lines: “You can’t skimp on infrastructure the way you can skimp on people.”

Today brings a letter from Jennifer Welchman (Philosophy). Professor Welchman’s letter responds to the Minister of Enterprise & Advanced Education’s claim that, having cut $147 million from the budgets of Alberta’s 26 postsecondary institutions, the province now plans to spend $160 million on a research institute that will purportedly be like that of MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Here is Professor Welchman’s letter in full:

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