Move over God, the biotech companies are here | Climate Connections

Note: God Move Over, indeed.  Proselytizing abounds at the Tree Biotech 2013 conference here in Asheville.  Due to massive protests throughout the week, the conference has been dominated by discussion on how to convert the GMO-skeptical public to “believe” in the mythical miracles of the bioengineered forest.  So far, it looks like the gospel of truth is winning against the rhetoric of power.

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Decolonial Aesthetics (I) | TDI/Transnational Decolonial Institute

Transnational identities-in-politics have inspired a planetary revolution in knowledge and sensibility. The creativity of visual and aural artists, thinkers, curators and artifices of the written word have affirmed the existence of multiple and transnational identities, reaffirming themselves in their confrontation with global imperial tendencies to homogenize and to erase differences. The affirmation of identities is tantamount with the homogenizing tendencies of globalization which are celebrated by altermodernity as the ‘universality’ of artistic practices. This notion chastises the magnificent diversity of human creative potential and its different traditions; it perennially aims at appropriating differences instead of celebrating them.

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Noam Chomsky: Wrecking Nature For Short-Term Profit + Q&A

Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

docdissent May 8, 2013

Recorded May 7 2013 in Denver, Colorado at an event organized by community radio station KGNU ( Noted social critic Noam Chomsky talks about the willful and reckless destruction of the environment by the US and other Western nations. Corporate-run governments have abdicated their responsibility toward protecting the welfare of their citizens and are rushing the world toward climate catastrophe.

More from this event at Free Speech TV (
Tech: Panasonic GH3, adapted Sigma 70-210mm f2.8 lens & Sony URX-P2/UTX-B2 wireless. Available light. Venue: Central Presbyterian Church, Denver.

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New book: Reclaiming Indigenous Planning

the anthropo.scene

From McGill-Queens Press:

Reclaiming Indigenous Planning9780773541948

Centuries-old community planning practices in Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia have, in modern times, been eclipsed by ill-suited western approaches, mostly derived from colonial and neo-colonial traditions. Since planning outcomes have failed to reflect the rights and interests of Indigenous people, attempts to reclaim planning have become a priority for many Indigenous nations throughout the world.

In Reclaiming Indigenous Planning, scholars and practitioners connect the past and present to facilitate better planning for the future. With examples from the Canadian Arctic to the Australian desert, and the cities, towns, reserves and reservations in between, contributors engage topics including Indigenous mobilization and resistance, awareness-raising and seven-generations visioning, Indigenous participation in community planning processes, and forms of governance. Relying on case studies and personal narratives, these essays emphasize the critical need for Indigenous communities to reclaim control of the…

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This week in review … Study examines indigenous knowledge for climate change adaptation in Australia

Indigenous knowledge critical to climate change adaptability

Traditional Knowledge Bulletin

Indigenous knowledge offered for climate change adaptation
Science Network Western Australia, 22 May 2013

KIMBERLEY, AUSTRALIA: Researchers have been studying traditional Indigenous knowledge of ecology and weather with the Mirriwoong people of the Ord Valley and Keep River, in order to better manage the effects of climate change. A recently published paper gives the example of the beginning of the Mirriwoong wet season nyinggiyi-mageny known as barrawoondang (time of strong wind, thunder, lightning and rain). Weather conditions are described as ngoomelng birrga ginayinjaloorr-gerring (gathering of rain clouds). One of the traditional indicators that this season is commencing is the loud calling of the Goorrawoorrang or Channel-billed Cuckoos (Scythrops novaehollandiae). The study demonstrates how indigenous groups’ accumulate detailed baseline information about their environment to guide their resource use and management, and develop worldviews and cultural values associated with this knowledge.  Read the article …Read the abstract of the…

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Meeting prep: Paris annual biodiversity conference: biodiversity and traditional knowledge

Traditional Knowledge Bulletin

Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge: how can they be protected?
7 June 2013 (Paris, France)

Organized by IDDRI and the Fondation d’enterprise Hermès, in collaboration with the National Library of France, this conference will feature leading scholars and practitioners in the field, who will present and review key efforts aiming at protecting biocultural heritage and traditional knowledge, and will provide a critical assessment of the tools that can be used to improve the livelihood of indigenous peoples and local communities, while also conserving biodiversity. Further information …

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Follow Me To…

Excitingly different visual images of travel destinations . Beautiful photography. So glad to meet this artist. Thanks to DK.

Make Something Mondays!

follow me to photography series

Surely you’ve seen the Follow Me To photography series created by Photographer, Murad Osmann. He documents his travels by taking pictures of his girlfriend leading the way around the world. Her back is always facing him, never showing her face. She leads us around the globe to some of the most beautiful locations filled with romance and excitement. All images are taken and posted to his Instagram profile.

It all started while the couple was vacationing and Natalia, Murad’s girlfriend, would get annoyed that he was always taking pictures, so she would grab his hand and pull him forward. That did not stop him though, he continued.

The Follow Me To series became a huge success. The images below are only a fraction of the beautiful photographs he has taken. Please take the time to look at his Instagram if you are interested in more.

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

follow me to photography series

Images © Murad Osmann

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Let The Race Begin: Reflections on Te Ikaroa Rāwhiti By-Election

A new dawn in Maori politics? Marama Davidson’s appointment as a candidate for the Green Party along with others would demonstrate so. I for one am totally delighted by Marama’s appointment. A wahine toa who demonstrates true integrity and compassion. Well done the Greens!

Te Wharepora Hou


There is without doubt a true political shift happening amongst our people that is being shown clearly and definitively in the nominations that are lining up to stand in the Te Ikaroa Rāwhiti seat.

There is a new generation on the rise. There is a rise of a new generation. There is excitement and expectation of what may happen, of who the people of Te Ikaroa Rāwhiti will select to be their representative in the colonial parliament. We have heard speak of the next person needing to be grassroots, we have heard that it is not wise to attempt to fill the shoes of the much cherished Parekura Horomia, and both of those korero must now influence how each of the candidates will present themselves to their people.

What is clear is that Māori electorates now seek those who are willing to be in service to the people. The day…

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CA stops field testing of GMO eggplants

CA stops field testing of GMO eggplants | Inquirer News.

In a 26-page decision issued on May 17 but only announced Friday, the appellate court’s Special 13th division through Associate Justice Isaias Dicdican ruled that “the field trials of genetically modified organisms Bacillus thuringiensis (bt) eggplants could not be declared…as safe to human health and to our ecology with full scientific certainty, being an alteration of an otherwise natural state of affairs in our ecology.”

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