Huge university salaries condemned – University World News

Scottish universities employ 88 people who earn the same as the First Minister’s £140,000 (US$213,000) salary or more, reports icScotland. Just two principals across the 18 institutions earn less than the leader of the Scottish government, according to figures from the National Union of Students (NUS).

via Huge university salaries condemned – University World News.

The same may be said for North American universities, most notably the University of Alberta whose salary outranks any other because, it has been said, it is important that the president’s salary reflects the prestige and excellence of the institution.

In an age and time when we value only that for which the highest cost is extracted, outrageously high salaries may be seen as making sense of a particular kind. The question must then be asked about the kinds of values that such institutions wish to and should, uphold and the message they wish to convey about values, morals and society, most especially given their traditional function role as the social, political and moral conscience of the nation.

Author: Makere

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