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A couple of years ago, a triumphant Ezra Levant pilloried opposition to Alberta’s Oil Sands on a simple premise: we all need oil, so it is best to buy from producers that respect human rights. Today, the “ethical oil” profiteers argue that Canada is not compromised by selling oil, or control over it, to countries (China in particular) with abysmal track records on everything that supposedly made buying our own oil so great: human rights, fair wages, democracy… the list goes on. I think I get the logic: yesterday’s moralizing is today’s norm.

Now, having created the narrative, it is necessary to police its boundaries. Such as through spying on environmental activists deemed a threat to national security.

But I’d like to revisit the ‘ethical oil’ narrative, the poverty of its logic and to connect it to re-regulation in Canada.

Ethical oil: as bad as you remember

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